I am Harald Peter Ström, a graphic designer interested in the intersection between on- and offline within typography, design, publishing, and art.

After co-founding web agencies Speedway and Abel & Baker during the late 90s, I studied graphic design at Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and set in 2006 up design studio Konst & Teknik in Stockholm with Mattias Jakobsson. Since then, I have worked on numerous projects for screens and paper, taught and workshopped at art and design schools across Europe, and served in 2014 as jury leader at ‘The Most Beautiful Norwegian Books’ in Oslo. Recently I co-founded publishing network Publishing as (part-time) Practice, mobile art gallery Issues, and have been involved in the annual design auction Örnsbergsauktionen.

I am currently available for lecturing and consultancy within digital design and typography, small-scale publishing and online art, as well as design and art direction through Konst & Teknik.

As of August 2016, I have taken on a position as senior lecturer in visual communication for digital media at Beckmans College of Design.

You can find a few recent commissions below — don’t hesitate to get in touch below if you would like to discuss a potential project.

Typography and Design

Lecturing and consultancy within digital typography and design and its transition between paper and screen:

The Royal Institute of Art 2015

Commission to oversee the new typography of The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.¹

Prata: Digital Design 2015

Initiation and organizing of seminar on digital design, with invited speakers from Open Work (NL), PWR (SE/DE) and Doberman (SE), with Svenska Tecknare and Sanna Wickman.

Type & Tell 2015

Typography consultant new self-publishing platform by Bonnierförlagen.¹

The Now Typography 2014

Lecture on digital typography at the Royal Library in Stockholm.

Digital Typography 2010–

Ongoing lecturing at design and art schools on typography for screens.


Lecturing and exhibiting on independent small-scale Swedish publishing, as co-founder of Publishing as (part-time) Practice:

PAPP.to 2012–

Seminar, exhibition and network of small-scale Swedish publishers within the cultural sector.²

Alternatives in Distribution 2015

Presentation of PA(P)P at Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2014, Zürich, CH (June 2015).

Årets vakreste Bøker 2013–2014

Jury member and leader for the Most Beautiful Norwegian Books Award.

Currently 2016–2017

Beckmans 2016–

Senior lecturer in visual communication with an emphazis on digital media and typography

Bookands 2016–

Bookands is a collaboration between the book and its surrounding environment.

Peder Mannerfelt Produktion 2016

Series of record covers for techno artist

Online Art

On the exploration of the browser as a platform for art; both as artistic practice and from a curatorial point of view:

Danielsson & Carlson #2 2015

Participation in Swedish podcast on internet art and art on the internet art.

Postmoderna Museet 2014

A post-modern museum.

Beforecast 2010–2015

View the last 24 hours of 10 selected Stockholm spots.³