Harald Peter Ström: Occasionally Updated Project Log




  • Arial Choriner: Typeface based on a sign found on a internet Spätkauf on Choriner Strasse, Berlin
  • Great Works: graphic identity for web agency
  • Colhour: system to visualise time (Flash required :-( )
  • Pluxus — Solid State: CD cover


  • Coming soon
  • Ung Svensk Form: Young Swedish Design Award for Pluxemburg.com
  • Pluxemburg v1: Record label website
  • More to be added soon


  • Coming soon
  • Webboken 2000: book design
  • More to be added soon


  • Coming soon
  • Harald.net — magazine/blog/portal/?
  • kom.och.pussa.peter.nu (!) — pre blog blog
  • Reload.org — Swedens first blog community (in collaboration with David Sundin & Carl Ekdahl)

is a typo/graphic/web designer/publisher/Internet enthusiast (troll?)/Facebook poet/lazy coder with too many Twitter accounts.

After co-founding web agency Speedway Digital Army during the dot-com bubble 1.0 (later Abel & Baker) as a teenager, he (me) re-located to Berlin, co-founded record label Pluxemburg, studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2006 alumni) in Amsterdam, before setting up ‘just north of normal’ design studio/collaboration Konst & Teknik in 2006 in Stockholm with Mattias Jakobsson. Since then countless projects — self-initiated and commissioned, big and small, online and offline, black and white — have been realized.


  • Konst & Teknik · Graphic design studio, in collaboration with Mattias Jakobsson, 2006–
  • Publishing as (part-time) Practice · Publishing network, in collaboration with Mattias Jakobsson, Sara Teleman & Matilda Plöjel, 2012–
  • Andperseand · On- and offline publisher, in collaboration with Mattias Jakobsson, Jeff Kinkle and Emanuel Almborg, 2009–
  • K&T&M · Web design and app collaboration with Mattias Jakobsson & Martin Ström, 2006–
  • Pluxemburg · Record label, in collaboration with Jonas Sevenius, Adam Kammerland, Sebastian Tesch, Anders Ekert & Martin Ström, 2001–
  • Harald Martin Peter Ström · Experimental web and art collaboration with Martin Ström, 1995–
  • Harald Peter Ström · In collaboration with myself, 1978–


p@kon.st and/or @haraldpeter